Driving While Distracted Can Change Your Life

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If we hear about a certain food, or drink that “may” cause cancer we are quick to stop using that product. We are very conscious of the fact that being obese can shorten our life span. Many of us hit the treadmill or work out fanatically to try and reverse the effect. Most people are very diligent in making the right decisions to try and live better and longer, except for this one area. It is not exactly a “theory” that driving while distracted could kill you or others. It is a fact!

I am on the road forty percent of the time going to and from appointments. I would say that roughly a third of the people I see on the road are either texting or talking on a cell phone pressed up against their head. What is also disturbing about this is that many of these people are in late model cars. Any car you buy these days has blue tooth capability. This means the phone does not need to be held in your hand. I don’t get it!!! It is not exactly a” theory” that this habit kills people, it is a fact. On a regular basis we see on the news or in the paper a horrific accident that was caused by either texting or talking on the phone because the driver was not paying attention. Do we think that we are better at texting while driving than everyone else? The other guy or gal might get into an accident, but I wont. Having a bad accident can change your life forever.. If you are severely hurt or killed, or if you cause injury or worse ,all because you were sending a text would indeed be a horrible circumstance. Yet we run that risk every time we get in the car.

It shouldn’t have to take a traumatic experience to force us to change what we do while behind the wheel. Think about it!!!

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